Project, Installation & Consultancy

HAZ Marble, since 1978 with an experience of more than 6.000.000 sqm of natural stone installation work reference, is one of the biggest natural stone design and installation contracting company in the industry.

HAZ Marble is a specialist natural stone contracting company operating in all aspects of natural stone works and has successfully completed more than 600 projects in over 40 countries.

With its extensive network of branches based in major developed and developing countries, HAZ Marble has the resources to mobilize quickly in order to efficiently execute stone works on landmark projects


Marble - Granite - Natural Stone

HAZ Marble is a HAZ Group Establishment, which was established in 1992 in Kemalpasa Izmir with the sole purpose of supplying its application projects.

In 2007, the production moved to its own area of 40.000 sqm. By upgrading the production technology, HAZ Gramerit has continued to provide high-quality production of dimensional natural stone products.

Since 2007, the company has improved its operations and production methods in order to become a prominent producer within the industry. Today, HAZ Gramerit is active in supplying dimensional stones to prestigious projects around the world.

HAZ Gramerit also sells commercial products both to domestic market and international markets. With its capacity of 350.000 m2 of stone production per year, the company aims to grow further in the industry.


Fixing Systems

Haz Metal is located in Iskenderun, south of Turkey, based in an area of 17.000 m2. The company provides services in the design and production of stainless steel fixing systems for natural stone installation and a variety of products used in construction.

The company mission statement is to assist and advise its clients to choose the most suitable fixing systems for their requirements and to provide them with quality production and supply of the required materials.


Abrasive Production

Haz Taş Abrasiv A.Ş. was founded in 1992 and is located in an area of 1100 M2 in Iskenderun, Turkey. The company produces abrasives for the marble, granite and terrazzo tile sector.

Haz Tas Abrasiv s objective is to produce abrasives with the highest performance and quality. The chemical engineers working in the company carry out research and development activities in order to realize the company's objective. The company is keeping its leadership position among the Turkish abrasive producers with a production capacity of 900 tons with always trying to provide the best quality and economic products to the sector. The greatest satisfaction for Haz Tas Abrasiv is to provide the perfect service to its clients.


Marketing and Logistics

Haz Marketing is founded in 1992 in Istanbul for marketing the products produced in Haz Group of Companies.Besides marketing and introducing products to the natural stone market, the company also provides technical consultancy to their clients.

By supplying side products, Haz Pazarlama A.S. creates a logistic support to Haz Group of Companies.While adding new customers to its portfolio through its marketing program within 1992 to 2003, Haz Pazarlama both provides perfect service and offers the quality products of Haz Group to its clients.


United Arab Emirates

HAZ MARBLE went to Abu Dhabi in 1994 for the natural stone installation works of the Admo Apco Headquarters project. The 37.000 M2 installation works was finished in 2 years and due to the high demand of natural stone construction woks in UAE HAZ MARBLE industry &U Trade was established in Abu Dhabi.

Official company was formed in 1996 and today HAZ MARBLE offers its services for design, supply and installation of natural stone to the domestic market.



2004 yılında İslami Sanatlar Müzesi için Doha'ya giden Haz Mermer, Katar ekonomisinin gelişmesinden doğan yoğun doğal taş montaj işlerinden dolayı ülkede kalıcılığını sağladı.

2005 yılında Haz Qatar WLL firmasını kuran Haz Mermer bugün 60 kişilik montaj grubu ile ve 6 kişilik teknik ve idari kadro ile bölgeye hizmet vermektedir.



Haz Marble has gone to England in 1990 for the natural stone works of the Canary Warf project. Therefore in 1990 HAZ International LTD was founded. The company provides its services to England and neighboring countries for the supply of material and natural stone installation works.



Haz Metal is located in Iskenderun, south of Turkey, based in an area of 17.000 M2. The company provides services in the design and production of stainless steel fixing systems for natural stone installation.

The company mission statement is to assist and advise its clients to choose the most suitable and economic fixing systems for their requirement and provide them with the production of these elements.Haz Metal is determined to supply the construction industry with easy to use, economic and secure fixing systems. This principle has developed in the company through the work experience and the quality standards of the sister company and founder, Haz Marble.

Along with this principle, Haz Metal has organized a technical staff to design and produce fixing systems in accordance to international standards. The innovative design and production techniques offer practical and economic solutions to solve every possible problem within the scope of natural stone fixing systems.



Haz Marble has decided to established a company in Egypt in 1995. The official establishment of the company was made in 1995 in the name HAZ MARBLE Egypt LTD. Since that date the company has completed many prestijious projects in the country. The company provides design and shop drawing services for the group.


Design Office

HAZ MERMER A.S. design office in Ankara continues their activities for the technical support and tendering works since 1991.The General Manager of the company is based in Ankara and offers their services in tendering and general administration for the projects with their technical team.



HAZ Metal specialises in design and manufacturing of all types of fixing systems for natural stone cladding, primarily in Stainless Steel.

The design and production of various types of fixings such as cast in channels, masonry supports and framing systems. are also available. As a major design and manufacturing company we offer full product liability and professional indemnity insurance to cover fixing design, detailing and scheduling.

HAZ Metal's status as a manufacturer as well as a designer allows us total control over the entire production process. This leaves us ideally positioned to supply value engineered products.

Production Processes are strictly controlled with mill certificates for raw materials available on request. All fixings are designed in consideration of German/British/EU and American Standards using industry standard application software.

HAZ Metal processes Stainless Steel typically 304(EN1.4301) and 316(EN1.4401) and Galvanized Mild Steel.